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Our mission.

To be the mandated voice of Pacific Islands people in Queensland, and as the peak body for Pacific Islands communities, PICQ will work with Pacific Islands communities to ensure their voices are heard, and they are empowered to achieve their social, economic and cultural aspirations, and become valued as positive contributors to Queensland society.


Goals and objectives:

PICQ focuses on the following strategic objectives:

i. To develop robust systems and processes for the organisation and members to adequately (effectively and efficiently) govern and manage its work and ensure its sustainability.

ii. To develop, encourage and maintain collaborative relationships with key Pacific island and wider community stakeholders.

iii. To influence and provide quality contribution to government policy on the needs and priorities of Pacific island communities.

iv. To facilitate and support community driven development initiatives that build social, economic and cultural capital.



PICQ represents over 100,000 Queenslanders of Maori and Pacific island descent, and with your membership and support, we can continue to represent the needs and priorities of the Pacific island communities.

Why should you or your organisation become a member?

  • Become part of a network of people and organisations who work to help Pacific island communities in Queensland and support a multicultural society.
  • Access PICQ’s resources and support network.
  • Be informed of community action, resources, trainings, and information and those that PICQ is involved in through our monthly PICQ newsletter.
  • An opportunity for you to contribute your knowledge, experience, and skills to the work of PICQ.
  • Have voting rights to select the executive committee at its AGM.
  • Receive invitations to community events, and other opportunities to meet with other members.


Membership fees:

Individual membership          –           $10.00

Organisation membership      –           $100.00 (includes public liability insurance)



Individual member:- anyone who is related to or is of Pacific Island descent, who supports the objectives of PICQ, and is eighteen (18) years old and over, can be an individual member of PICQ with full voting rights at the AGM.

Organisational member:- any established organisation that represents Pacific Islanders in Queensland, and supports the objectives of PICQ can apply for membership. The executive committee will determine the number of their representatives to the AGM and will have full voting rights at the AGM.


Joining PICQ.

Download and complete the membership form, and send with payment to: 69 Nathan Road, Qld 4113. The executive committee will consider and vote on your application at its next meeting after the application and payment is received, and will inform the applicant of its decision within one (1) week after the decision has been made.

If you have further questions, please contact our Secretary on the following email: info@picq.com.au


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